Plastic processing

Plastic processing

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We manufacture details with varying weights for the houseware, automotive, electrotechnical engineering, and electronic industries. We process the majority of thermoplastics, including modified plastics, with flame retardants, glass fibre, and mineral fillers.

We can help you select plastics for a specific product. We possess vast knowledge of raw materials and their applications and properties, which allows us to keep a fixed list of trusted suppliers and domestic and foreign manufacturers. We perform orders ranging from drawing up a design of a detail to making a prototype, and the final stage – series production. Working with companies from various industries, we make use of cutting-edge solutions aimed at improving the quality of the products and reducing costs.

Our injection moulding plant is fully automatic, which enhances the precision and repeatability of the components. Since we have modern machine resources and the process of order performance is supervised by qualified and experienced personnel,we provide:

  • manufacturing and installation of products using customer-provided moulds,
  • developing a new design according to individual customer expectations,
  • drawing up a design and manufacturing a new product using company moulds made for a specific order.


We have a newly built high-bay warehouse. It has 8,000 pallet positions with a surface area of 3,600 m2.